Monday, March 29, 2010

Just another day in rehab

Okay, I know that didn't sound good. People are going to think I took up drinking or something. No, but maybe I should. ~grin~

I had my right knee replaced on February 15th 2010. Last January I had the left one replaced. So I am officially the type of person who will hold up the lines in the airport while they search to make sure there isn't something else I am hiding besides artificial knees. So far the progress is going well. I'm on my third week of outpatient PT and considering an early setback I had, things are really moving along nicely. I will be dancing at my son's wedding in June! That alone is cause for celebration.

I can't wait to get back into my studio and paint and bead. I really miss being creative.

We are glad to have all that snow gone, it is hard to believe that we had a record snowfall this year. That is what I get for telling our daughter that she will love living here, we hardly get any snow. Of course this is the second year she has lived here and the second year we have had a lot more snow.

Hopefully I will get on here and update things soon. I've been working on some files, cards, scrapbook pages, beaded projects and more, so the pictures will be coming soon.

Have a sunny day!

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