Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day-Remembered

Every Memorial Day I watch the parade here in town. It isn't a big event but it is enough to remind us of what is important in life. This gentleman is in the parade every year. I suppose in many ways I always dread the year he won't be. Clad in an original military uniform of wool, not matter how hot it is, he marches with his fellow VFW members. He is the oldest living member of the VFW in town.

My father, who passed away two years ago, fought in the Korean War. I guess the parade has a whole new meaning to me these last two years in particular. It isn't about the Boy Scouts, the Twirlers or other groups. It is the men that fought for our freedom who really bring the tears to my eyes. So, on this Memorial Day, to the family of those whose family have fought/or continue to fight, for our freedom, and for those whose families have died doing so...I merely say Thank You, and may God Bless each and every one of you.

Knows All The Warm Places

There is just something about a hot sunny day that just makes you want to relax and soak up the rays. Of course, when you are a cat, that pretty much covers 365 days a year if possible. Have you ever noticed how cats seem to always know the warm spots?
My two precious little ones were just having a typical day. 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trudy's truly huge blog candy!

This is a huge blog candy giveaway so hop on over to Trudy's site and check it out! She has goodies galore she will be giving out!

Have a sunny day!

Chance to win Copic Markers and more!

Blog Candy Give-a-Way from

What’s in the candy???
24 Ciao Copic Markers in a Copic fold up fabric case
I hand picked the colours which I think would be a great beginner set for anyone starting out with copics.
W-1,  E00, E02, E11, E31, E33, E37, R20, R27, R29, YR04, YR07,
Y11, Y15, G21, G28, BG15, BG49, B00, B95, B97, BV00, V17 and Blender 0
10 A4 sheets of X-Press It blending paper
Papermania Rose clear stamp set
Clear flourish stamp (great for backgrounds)
Wags ‘n Whiskers unmounted stamp – Angel Whispers
7 colours of hand made paper. 5 sheets each.
3 ply wood stars
5 Silver skeleton leaves
1 sheet of gold edged flower and leaf stickers
I sheet of silver hearts, flower and star stickers
1 sheet 3 dimensional square stickers
Basic Kaisercraft Love/dream circle rub ons
140 x 305mm rub on sheet – doilies
140 x 305mm rub on sheet – grunge floral
4 mini spring boards
5 lengths of my favourite lace
Length of Rhinestone chain
Papermania Mini Gem Brads
Rhinestone buckle
3 min pearl ribbon sliders
6 Prima bling flower centres
1 pack of Prima Pearls
Small bunch of flowers
2 packs of heavy silk flowers
Small selection of Prima Ornement de Floraz flowers
1 pack of Prima glitter Roses

You just have to check it out! Her designs are beautiful and she is kind enough to list where you can find all elements needed to make her designs. A very sweet person with a very loving heart!
My best to you and your family Zoe!
I love the Carousel the most
but it was VERY hard to pick a favorite!
Sending sunshine and hugs your way Zoe!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Domed Trunk box by Penny Duncan

This is the dome-shaped box I downloaded and cut out with my Cricut thanks to the designer Penny Duncan. Her blog is
She shares her designs to all of us in the ScalHints group and is wonderful about helping us out with the little problems we encounter in our journey to create lovely Scal2 masterpieces.
This particular box is cut from a beige with black flocked card stock. I made several of them to tuck little gifts in for my future daughter-in-law at her recent bridal shower. They were a hit! Everyone was asking about them. I was so proud of them, thank you for that Penny! They were a perfect fit for the Swarovski crystals I gave her. She purchased a Cricut just a couple months ago so I also bought her the Jukebox and an Ott-Lite. I had already bought her the Scal2.  I taught her how to make jewelry and thus the reason for the Swarovski crystals! She was thrilled. Besides, who really wants a mixer for the bridal shower? I always feel that day is reserved for the bride!

Sketches Three Scrapbook Class

This Sketches Three Scrapbook Class was a lot of fun and I loved my photos. I wish the picture here did them justice. These are critters from my garden. I took a lot of time getting bee photos in spite of the fact that I am deathly allergic to them. The one photo at the top left has spectacular detail. The macro setting on my simple little point and shoot Olympus camera is so nice that I rarely use my larger digital camera. The bee on the bottom left is loaded with pollen. It was an amazing shot. It probably sounds silly to be so excited about a bee, but to me it was a thrill to get that photo. Last but not least, I had a friendly praying mantis that let me photograph him for about a half hour. He would move a little from time to time but I had a lot of time to get some fantastic shots. I just love them. We don't see them often so it was a distinct pleasure to have him in the garden area.
Again, I need to put my title, journaling and embellishments on the page.

Scrapbook techniques

This is my grandson at his yellow belt test. It was an honor to meet Grandmaster Kim. He wrote Noah's name on his Do Bok.  Noah was so excited. He did a great job and passed with flying colors. I'm really proud of him and what he has learned. He can break boards with his foot and his hand which is a pretty awesome thing to a seven year old and his grandma The discipline and respect that is taught to them in Tang Soo Do has really shown through in his daily life. He is currently working on his sparring. He won a trophy at his competition.

My Sketches Three class

This is from my Sketches Three Scrapbook Class. This is of my son when he was my grandson's age. I changed my mind about the third photo so I still have to put it on and do my journaling. Making these pages has given me so much time to reflect on certain times in the lives of the family. It is a wonderful thing.

My Sketches Three Class

This is the page from my Sketches Three scrapbook class. I learned a lot this time around as well. (Do we see a pattern here?) I learned that in Design Studio you should correct the little quirkiness of some of the font programs before printing them and affixing them to your pages. This is hubby Philip. He is the light of my life and what keeps me going through all the medical nightmares I have faced. He has always been there to lift me up, wipe my tears and a million other things. If I lived to be a million years old I could never begin to repay him for all he does for me. I miss my job and my career, but I have learned just what the true meaning of marriage and family means. I love you Philip! I still have journaling to do but I think that will be a bit private. ~smile~

My grandson's newest scrapbook page!

I am so proud of my little Squirrel! That is my pet name for him because he tends to be a bit squirrel-y. This is his first official scrapbook page. He picked out the paper all by himself and cut the photos and frames without assistance. Pretty darn good for a seven year old! He needs to teach grandma a thing or two! lol He just loves the Cricut!

Sketches five class

These are also from my Sketches Five scrapbook class. This was a two page layout. Once again, I need to get better photos of my scrapbook pages. I wish they would fit on the scanner! This was in the Orchid Room, my favorite room of the Conservatory. I can't wait to go this year, they are having "Gargoyles in the Garden"!
 Again I still need to add my title and my journaling.

Sketches five class

This is the layout from my Sketches five class. Again, I need to put the title, journaling and some embellishments on the page. I also need to take a better picture! lol This is of the kids over the years.

My little Cricket

This is another page from my first scrapbook class. This is my precious little Cricket. No, I didn't name her after my Cricut, she was named Cricket because she doesn't really meow, she chirps! It is an odd little sound, sort of like slurring your tongue as you would try to meow. It comes out as a little chirpy noise. She is my photogenic one! I still have to do the journaling and put on the page name.

My first sketch class

This is the page I did in my first scrapbook sketch class. I learned a lot. Most importantly I learned to take my good cutter to class instead of using the one I bought at Big Lots. Note the crooked pages. ~sigh~ None the less, once I do the journaling and put the page name on, it will be wonderful all the same. I still can't believe my little grandson is growing up so quickly.

The Wedding Card Box is finally done!

The wedding day is just around the corner and the wedding card box is finally done. One less thing on the list to do. I hope they like it. I called to let them know it is done, it has to be to the reception hall by Monday. Of course, I also painted a second type just in case they change their mind. ~smile~