Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Domed Trunk box by Penny Duncan

This is the dome-shaped box I downloaded and cut out with my Cricut thanks to the designer Penny Duncan. Her blog is
She shares her designs to all of us in the ScalHints group and is wonderful about helping us out with the little problems we encounter in our journey to create lovely Scal2 masterpieces.
This particular box is cut from a beige with black flocked card stock. I made several of them to tuck little gifts in for my future daughter-in-law at her recent bridal shower. They were a hit! Everyone was asking about them. I was so proud of them, thank you for that Penny! They were a perfect fit for the Swarovski crystals I gave her. She purchased a Cricut just a couple months ago so I also bought her the Jukebox and an Ott-Lite. I had already bought her the Scal2.  I taught her how to make jewelry and thus the reason for the Swarovski crystals! She was thrilled. Besides, who really wants a mixer for the bridal shower? I always feel that day is reserved for the bride!

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