Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Sketches Three Class

This is the page from my Sketches Three scrapbook class. I learned a lot this time around as well. (Do we see a pattern here?) I learned that in Design Studio you should correct the little quirkiness of some of the font programs before printing them and affixing them to your pages. This is hubby Philip. He is the light of my life and what keeps me going through all the medical nightmares I have faced. He has always been there to lift me up, wipe my tears and a million other things. If I lived to be a million years old I could never begin to repay him for all he does for me. I miss my job and my career, but I have learned just what the true meaning of marriage and family means. I love you Philip! I still have journaling to do but I think that will be a bit private. ~smile~

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