Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love is in the air

I took a trip to Phipps Conservatory the other day with my mother. Her birthday was on September 4th so I like to take her places that she wouldn't otherwise get to go to.

They had the "Gargoyles in the Garden" exhibit which was really wonderful. I love gargoyles and have one in my garden now. Some of the photos are in my Flickr album which is linked on my blog.

Near the end of the tour there was a group of school children that came in to sketch the gargoyles. The teachers allowed us to walk around and see what the children were sketching. Some of the sketches were really nice. There were a couple of times that I found it interesting just seeing how the children were sitting in relation to the gargoyles. At times it appeared that the gargoyles truly were staring down at them.

We went into the butterfly room and saw some really pretty butterflies. Of course it is very hard to see them as they love to go to the flowers which are very high up in the ceiling. As I was walking out of the room I noticed a butterfly on a leaf of a plant. I took the opportunity to photograph it. It wasn't until it appeared on the LCD screen of the camera that I found that apparently love was in the air at the exhibit. The photo came out nice and it didn't seem to disturb them at all.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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