Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cats will be cats

This is the time of year that I decorate for Christmas. We have Thanksgiving dinner here for the family and everyone enjoys seeing the trees decorated. I'm only doing five trees this year.

Our cats are now just over a year old. They are being great so far but with cats, odd little things always go on.

Each of our cats has their own Windsor chair that they sleep in. One sleeps in the parlor, the other in the living room. Cricket is the most agile of the cats (the black and white cat) while Shadow tends to be a little pudgy and not quite as agile, but he has been practicing.

Today as I was putting the lights on the living room tree, Cricket refused to leave her chair. Shadow decided he was going to check out the lights but the only way there was by way of Cricket's chair. So, with his little "tight rope walking technique" he has been perfecting; he walked on the rungs of the back of the Windsor chair over top of Cricket just to see the lights. I've always wanted a picture of him doing that little trick so I used the camera that was handy to capture the shot. It didn't come out great, but you will at least get a glimpse of my little acrobat (he is all black so he is hard to see). He will never make it to Cirque du Soleil, but I love him just the same. His sister on the other hand was quite annoyed.

Have a sunny day!

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