Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

It was a rough Thanksgiving this year. There has been so much going on, so many new things for everyone to adjust to. I went all out with the decorating this year since my MIL has Alzheimer's and we honestly don't know just how long it will be before she doesn't remember any of this. Just knowing that makes it tough. My grandson is adjusting to his dad and mom both getting remarried this year. It is hard on a seven year old to understand it all. They all love him and I pray that all of our love will get him through. My brother is going through a divorce, so that is a little upsetting as well. I felt badly that he couldn't be with us for Thanksgiving but at least he will be here for Christmas.

So, since I was fortunate to have two of the grandchildren over the holiday we made some crafts. They love the studio and can spend an entire day there making everything from ATC cards to pictures and stories and many other things. I've also been working with them playing checkers and Monopoly and teaching them strategy and how to think ahead. It certainly helps sharpen their focus and their math abilities as well. Now if only I could pronounce and remember all those Pokemon characters in the game, we would be great! They didn't have Pokemon when I was growing up.

My grandson wanted a small tree for his room so we found this one that I had left over from when I used to put a small tree in every room of the house. We cut out paper ornaments on the Cricut and decorated it for the holidays. It is hard to tell but there are dinosaurs, tractors, bulldozers, snowflakes, and a bunch of miniature ornaments I found for him in the studio. He was so excited about his tree. I'm hoping it helps him to feel a little more "in the spirit" of the holiday. School is back in session and I already miss having him here. Funny how a measly 12 hours makes you miss someone so much.

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday.

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