Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm going to be a grandma...again!

I have three beautiful grandchildren and I was just advised this bright Easter morning that I am going to be a grandma again!

My son got remarried last June and his son just turned 8 in March. My grandson has wanted a baby brother or sister for quite some time now. I know this news will warm his heart as much as it has mine, as he gets his wish.

I am so happy for my son and his wife. It is so nice to see the smile return to his face that had long been lost after his divorce. His new wife has made him so very happy and I truly do believe that the one thing a parent (myself) longs for most in this world is to see their children truly happy. Watching the love reflected within their eyes when they look at each other is both breathtaking and heartwarming.

So from the pains of years past, he is now reborn with a vibrancy and love for life that I have not seen in so very long. His wife is a beautiful intelligent woman who challenges him mentally and physically. Their intellectual levels compliment each other so well.

My son has always been the perfect father to my grandson. From the day he was born, my son has attended to his needs and taught him to be the brilliant young gentleman he is today. He has listened to him when his heart ached and held him for no other reason than to let him know how much he is loved. I have no doubt that he and his wife will teach the new baby everything they possibly can and open the universe to challenge yet another young life as they have my grandson.

I hope all my followers will pray with me in hopes that there may be no problems with the pregnancy. I wish for my daughter-in-law to have a safe and comfortable pregnancy filled with laughter and love.

"Dear Father, I pray that you will lay your hand upon Rachel and help her through the next several months. Watch over her health and that of their unborn child, may they both be healthy and live a long and prosperous life. I pray that you will help my son and grandson to be sensitive to their needs and help them to be the men I know they are; loving, gentle and calm.

In Jesus name, Amen

Thank every one of you for your support morally and emotionally. I appreciate each and every one of you in my life.


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