Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bunny relocation program

As much as I have loved watching this poor little guy as he wanders around eating clover from the neighbors yard, it is time to put him in the "Bunny Relocation Program". He is no bigger than the palm of your hand and his mother was killed out on the front road, but sadly he is eating every plant I put in my flower garden. I hate to send him where he will have to fend for himself against the big cruel world, but alas, my flower garden will not have a single flower at this rate. If only he weren't so darned cute! My cats (indoor only) have enjoyed watching him through the screen windows as he quietly makes his way from one plant to another. Thankfully my son has a humane "trap and release" trap that we can use to catch him and release him into the woods somewhere hopefully safe. We deal with rabbits every year but this little guy is afraid to roam into the neighbors yards for food (we have no clover or weeds) so he is just a little too happy to roam in the flower garden. I wish I had another choice but if I ever want to see any of my investments bloom, he has to find a new home. At least the cats will have the birds to watch and won't miss him too much! I will though.


  1. Oh how cute is that.... but I agree with you wholeheartedly. You put time, effort and money into your garden, so the little chap has to move or next year you could have 30 more !!!!!!

  2. Good luck little bunny, and good luck recovering plant life! :D


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