Saturday, September 3, 2011

Brighton Goth

"Brighton Goth"

Sometimes designs just fall into place and other times I stop and think far too much about what I am working on. This design is special, it is a custom order for a friend from across the pond and she is special. We have more in common than many would think so it was important that she enjoy this piece but that nothing was offensive to her. Sometimes the less you know someone the harder it is to design a piece. Some things are sometimes contradictory and yet by now, I should know to just go with the gut instinct and things will be fine.

So, the "Goth Gurl From Brighton", here is your special gift. There are crystals to delight the tiara princess in you and skulls from every point in the globe to satisfy that Goth side. Everything is hand-wrapped and won't come apart unless you use wire cutters. ~smile~

I think Wednesday Addams would love it. She really needs one in her jewelry box. Some things aren't apparent in the photograph like the silver skull with a "clacking jaw", the many black and deep red crystals. There are skulls hand-carved from wood and bone (nothing killed in the process just for the bone), hand made porcelain, unique charms, some Cinnabar, some black onyx, amethyst chips, black obsidian and much more. There are stones with healing properties. Some talismans but the most important thing is that it is completely hand made from the start to finish, no pre-made charms, all were custom to delight the senses and keep you busy for hours when bored with surroundings. There is even a special wrapped sparkly crystal charm with an "R" for personalization. The size is adjustable with a tail with suspended skull, of course. If you would like any changes or additions, just say the word.

I hope you wear it in good health and I look forward to the next challenge, a necklace suitable for Morgan Le Fay. I dare say that will be much easier!

Across the pond it will fly on Tuesday.

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