Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another MVA

Just another day on Main Street in the small town I live in. We have an average of 4 accidents a month in front of our home. We live at a busy intersection. We know that "sound". That certain pitch and quick crunch. I keep shoes at the door and call 911 on my way out.

Today is rainy and just one of those days you wish you could have stayed in bed. I guess I am getting nervous about the upcoming appointment with the orbit specialist. I'm afraid of having the surgery to correct the fractured orbit, my eyesight is precious to me and I am so afraid of losing it.

The accident sure jogged my mind in the right direction and away from my trivial problems. I ran out to find the guy in the truck was okay, but the girl in the car wasn't doing so well. Her head went into the front windshield and frame of the car. She had several deep head wounds. I made sure an ambulance was on the way and kept her immobilized and kept the pressure on the wounds and worked to stop the bleeding. I engaged her in conversation to calm her down and try to reassure her that everything would be okay. We talked about her daughter Sidney, how she works at the hospital...all the things you want to do to make sure she was cognizant of who she was, where she was, the day it was...the typical drill.

Traffic is still tied up but the ambulance came and we got her in a neck brace and on the gurney and she is on her way to the hospital.

So, for today, my problems aren't that bad. Someone else has something more going on than I do. She will be okay. She'll need some sutures and will be sore, but it could have been much worse.

Just remember that angels are everywhere and they come into your life and work their miracles to keep you going one day at a time. Never stop believing. My faith has carried me through a lot of things in life. I guess sometimes I just need reminded that God has a plan for me even though it doesn't always seem like it used to be, I'm still needed.

Have a sunny day and may God and the angels in heaven look upon you and bless you with health and happiness.

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