Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Inspiration from the Dr. Suess movie "The Lorax"

Sometimes inspiration for my work comes from the most interesting places. This piece is special to me in many ways. It was inspired by the brilliant colors of the Dr. Suess movie "The Lorax". It is made with custom beads designed by Laura Lee with some ruby red velvet crystals for the extra sparkle. It is wire wrapped by hand with Tibetan silver. I can't thank Laura Lee enough for helping me bring my vision to life!

Thank you for looking and I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season! ~Linda

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My latest designs
Even though the holidays have been busy, I managed to finish up two designs I had been working on. The blue bead embroidery cuff is a piece I had been working on for quite a while. It is nice to finally have it finished. I love it!
The chainmaille piece is my rendition of a Renaissance inspired piece. The velvet red crystals sparkle beautifully against the silver.
It feels good to get back into my artwork.
Happy Holidays to all!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Vacation in Wine Country

It is always nice to get away for a while. We took a little journey in September to our favorite wine country. There is a great B&B that we stay at each year. Of course, the most important part of the journey is to reconnect with the water. We miss living along the shore and watching the sunset over the water in the evening.
This past year has been one of many changes in our lives. We have learned to treasure those we love and not take one moment for granted.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

You know you have a large cat when....

You Know You Have A Large Cat When...

Cricket is one of our cats. She and her brother Shadow are spoiled as any good cat lover would spoil their "babies". Shadow is short haired and smaller than his sister. Cricket has long hair, very long hairy "toes" with the temperament of a rag doll cat. She never thinks anything is too small for her to venture into. Being a Pica kitty she loves boxes. She will try her best to cram her long body into the smallest of boxes but we have found that DirecTV boxes are perfectly sized for her. We put little cuts in the corners and bend the edges down for chin rests.  If she isn't on her favorite chair, she is in the DirecTV box.

Hubby is making Cricket a custom cat tree that will give her multiple levels to climb on while allowing the levels to be large enough to accommodate her length. We looked at everything at the pet stores and nothing works for her so a custom tree is the way to go. She has her perches in front of the window but Shadow has a way of snuggling in for warmth and eventually knocking her out of wherever they are.

Lately Cricket has taken a liking to this stool. I used it in the kitchen when I had trouble with my knees. It made it easier to do dishes and cook if I could sit down part of the time. Now thanks to Dr. Crossett and two wonderful DePuy LCS knees, I can stand to do what I need to.

I had moved the stool to the dining room hallway when she decided to take up residence on the stool. It has its perks, it is too small for her brother to even attempt to snuggle up to her to get warm. So, even though she hangs off of it in almost every direction, she is content in the fact that she is up high and he can't touch her.

I can't wait until her tree is built. I have a feeling she will be one very happy kitty.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Catching Up

This is my grandson's birdhouse. He won a blue ribbon on it last year at the fair because it was the only "truly functional" birdhouse entered. This is the fourth family of birds born in this birdhouse since last year. If they ever stop using it we will take it down and clean it. As you can see (just barely) from the photo, Mother bird is feeding her baby.

I am so proud of my grandson every time I look at this birdhouse in my garden. It was the first thing he built and even though it would have looked spectacular with paint on it, it would no longer be considered a functional birdhouse according to the Wildlife Conservation rules which we followed. He put a lot of work into this and already has another one built to enter this year. I'm hoping for another blue ribbon for him!

My garden had been a bit neglected this year due to all my tests, appointments and surgeries. The post-concussion syndrome and all the anesthesia certainly isn't helping matters. My husband has been doing his best to make sure things are nice, but he doesn't know what to trim and when. Earlier this year I had mentioned that I would love to put in a pond again. Of course that was met with a scowl. We started with one pond, went to a double pond and eventually just went to a water feature.

On the day of my first surgical follow-up appointment I started down the back stairs to the car and was met with the sight of my new pond. I just cried. He hadn't told me he had put it in, it was his secret. In fact, he was upset that it wasn't completely finished before I saw it. No matter what, this really meant more to me than anything else he could have done. He knew I would never make it back out in the garden to work this year and wanted so badly to give me what I wanted. I honestly have the best husband in the world. We don't fight. Sure I may get upset sometimes but I think it out and get over it. I learned long ago that life isn't worth fighting over. It doesn't solve anything and only tends to push you apart. We talk things out and obviously it works. It will be 30 years this year. He is my rock. I never would have made it through my health issues let alone my mom's. She is a six year breast cancer survivor but found out three weeks before my surgery that she had colon cancer. We got her in and out of the hospital before my surgery and we both had the same health care nurses, the Thorne Group of Youngwood. I have to say, if it weren't for them, I don't know how I would have been able to go through my surgery and recovery without knowing that she was being well cared for. They are the best!

Last but certainly not least, you never know where you will find Jesus. He has certainly been with my family throughout all the ordeals we have gone through. Mom and I had gone to our community garage sales before our surgeries. We knew we would miss out on the rest of the season so why not go now! We ended up at the one Church in Youngwood for lunch and I stopped into the bathroom. I could have fallen to the floor when I opened the door. There was this magnificent mural of Jesus resurrection. It really touched my life which is, I am sure, the reason it is there. A reminder, something to make you remember what is important in life and that he is there for us all.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. Eventually I will catch up and add some jewelry pics. For now, I'll recover and just feel blessed to be alive and doing well. I have my mom by my side which is a miracle in itself. One more month and who knows where the cancer would have been. It was divine intervention that got her to have that test when she did. Even the doctor who performed the test was astonished when the results came back. She was stage 1. No lymph node involvement. That alone is a miracle.

May all of you be blessed with good health and happiness!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

My father served in the Korean War. These are some photos he took while serving his country. He served at the 8057th AU Replacement Depot.

There are so many who serve our country every day and rarely are recognized. Today we had our annual Memorial Day parade in town. I was surprised at how many people didn't know how to pay their respect to those who have served our country.
I hope that everyone takes some time out to remember what this holiday is about.
Thank you to all who have served our Country!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Don't you just love the sunshine? My two little angels sure do! I'd be lost without them.

It has been a while since I posted on my blog. Things have been hectic between mom and the in-law's and a few upcoming "trunk show's" that are on the calendar. My grandson started baseball, the first game was played in the rain, but wet clothes and all, it was great to watch! He really loves sports. He did extremely well in basketball this past season. He made 11 baskets! Not bad for his first season.

The upcoming shows have kept me hopping. It takes a while to build up a good inventory with a nice mix of things. The good thing is that jewelry is selling!  Thank you to my loyal customers! The bad thing is that it keeps me from laying in the sunshine and just soaking it in. I suppose it is okay since I am fair-skinned and abhor peeling skin! I try to take some things out on the patio to work on in the late afternoon as the sun is shielded from the patio when it sets below the height of the houses and the top of the fence. It makes for a nice work place. Too bad it is three floors away from my studio!

I hope everyone made it through the tumultuous Spring! The seasons sure have been strange. We had a mild winter which I certainly do not mind but Spring has been a bit weird. We seem to go from 85 degrees to 35 degrees in a moments notice. We had snow last week for the first time since 1956! Hopefully the good weather is here to stay.

Medically things are status quo. At this point in life, that is a good thing! I feel blessed.

So...enjoy life but take some time to soak in the sunshine!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blog Giveaway from Pretty Things!

Lori Anderson is giving away an awesome package of DVD's by David Plumlee! These are awesome video's! Here is her link

Hmmm...should I tell her that April 1st is my birthday?? ~wink~

Have a sunny day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Deryns' contest

Deryn has the most amazing contest going on to promote the new video "The Art of Closure". Run and check it out, the deadline is today!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Valentine's Story

It is sometimes so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle that you forget to take the time to stop and realize what is important in life.

This past year has been a difficult year for my family but yesterday, we celebrated something that was very important and certainly something that makes you stop and take into account what is important in life.

I suppose no story is complete without a little history so I will provide a little back-story here.

Sixty-five years ago, my in-laws Vince, now 90 years old; and Catherine, now 88 years old; decided to marry. They had wanted to get married on Valentine's Day. At the time, the Catholic Church would not marry anyone on a Friday and Valentine's Day was on a Friday that year. Realizing that the wedding was more important than the date itself, they married on Saturday the 15th.

Last year my mother-in-law was placed in a nursing home for Alzheimer patients after having suffered a blood clot and other medical problems. It simply was no longer possible to care for her at home. The last year has certainly been difficult for everyone, but watching my father-in-law see the love of his life slowly slipping away has perhaps been the most difficult part of it all.

We don't know how much longer she will remember everyone as her memory has already slipped further into the past with each and every passing day. One thing that never changed, is her love for Vince.

Yesterday was their sixty-fifth wedding anniversary. With the help of the tremendous staff of Concordia of Fox Chapel, we were able to help them re-new their vows. From the beautiful voice of Steve Tori who sang all the old favorites of Frank Sinatra, Etta James, and many more, to the flowers that Kelli made especially for us and all the decorations and little details that the staff provided or helped with, it was a day to remember.

It was a memorable and magical day filled with trepidation and tears in so many ways. Anyone who has dealt with a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's knows that each day is full of unexpected things.

God certainly smiled on us all yesterday as she was so full of life, her memory was sharp, and she enjoyed the day to the fullest.

It has been such a distinct honor to be part of this family for the last 30 years and to share in this celebration of love that has endured so much.

In closing, I would like to toast Vince and Catherine "virtually" once again for a love that has lasted for so long.

Love Linda