Sunday, September 16, 2012

You know you have a large cat when....

You Know You Have A Large Cat When...

Cricket is one of our cats. She and her brother Shadow are spoiled as any good cat lover would spoil their "babies". Shadow is short haired and smaller than his sister. Cricket has long hair, very long hairy "toes" with the temperament of a rag doll cat. She never thinks anything is too small for her to venture into. Being a Pica kitty she loves boxes. She will try her best to cram her long body into the smallest of boxes but we have found that DirecTV boxes are perfectly sized for her. We put little cuts in the corners and bend the edges down for chin rests.  If she isn't on her favorite chair, she is in the DirecTV box.

Hubby is making Cricket a custom cat tree that will give her multiple levels to climb on while allowing the levels to be large enough to accommodate her length. We looked at everything at the pet stores and nothing works for her so a custom tree is the way to go. She has her perches in front of the window but Shadow has a way of snuggling in for warmth and eventually knocking her out of wherever they are.

Lately Cricket has taken a liking to this stool. I used it in the kitchen when I had trouble with my knees. It made it easier to do dishes and cook if I could sit down part of the time. Now thanks to Dr. Crossett and two wonderful DePuy LCS knees, I can stand to do what I need to.

I had moved the stool to the dining room hallway when she decided to take up residence on the stool. It has its perks, it is too small for her brother to even attempt to snuggle up to her to get warm. So, even though she hangs off of it in almost every direction, she is content in the fact that she is up high and he can't touch her.

I can't wait until her tree is built. I have a feeling she will be one very happy kitty.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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